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Friction Mallet Set: 3 Emil Richards Mallets & 1 RickStix Double Mallet



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This listing includes a set of 3 Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets and one RickStix Double-Ended Friction Mallet.

Suggested Pairing: We recommend using these mallets on gongs 24" and larger in diameter.

We know it can be hard to find the best friction mallets for your gongs, so we've put together some of our favorites for sound therapists, spiritual healers, percussionists, and general gongists who want to make whale sounds with their gongs.

The RickStix Double-Ended Friction Mallet is made using a length of cable wire with one rubber ball attached at each end. The mallet can be used by dragging one or both balls across the face of your gong (or desk, or window) to create spacey sounds. 

The Set of 3 Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets are made of rubber and they're really easy to use. They provide a range of tones and hours of experimentation with your gongs. We recommend using them on Chinese gongs as they can also leave residue on Paiste gongs.

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