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Friction Mallet Set: 70 mm Ollihess & Acoustic Percussion Pair



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This listing includes one 70 mm Ollihess Friction Mallet and a pair of Acoustic Percussion Flumis.

We know it can be hard to find the best friction mallets for your gongs, so we've put together some of our favorites for sound therapists, spiritual healers, percussionists, and general gongists who want to make whale sounds with their gongs.

Ollihess Rubber Lava Friction Gong Mallets are designed specially to avoid leaving residue, marks, or damage on gongs. They're sleek, black mallets great for big gongs (40" and above). They're made of high-quality, natural rubber and hand-sanded, with a cork handle.

Acoustic Percussion's Pair of Flumis are very durable. The heads are securely glued to flexible carbon-fiber handles, offering the perfect grip and pressure to get your gong singing like whales from space (they can breathe in space because they're space whales). Perfect for Chinese gongs, but can leave some residue or smearing on Paiste and Nickel Silver gongs.

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