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Gong Training with Richard Rudis

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A workshop for those who want to enhance their Gong Practice offered by Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje). This Gong Training Course includes 10+ hours of recordings in English with French sub titles.

The focus of this workshop is to expand, enhance, and support Gong practice as a sacred sound instrument for healing, meditation, and exploration of consciousness.

After we receive your order, we contact Richard and email you a link and a special code to open up his video series.

In this five part workshop we will explore:

    • Part 1: Discussion of gong classifications, clinical studies, physical, mental, and metaphysical, elemental regions of the instrument, different properties of various mallets, initial introduction, physical and mental, to your gong
    • Part 2: Gong and body anatomy connection, sacred geometry and incorporation, phrasing and spacing, vibrational constructs (folding octaves and initiating overtones), working with gong movement and three dimensional geometry
    • Part 3: Open Forum - Questions, Answers, and Discussions
    • Part 4: Chi activation and integration, creating a dynamic platform for your 'Gong Bath', tonal ceremonies (intention setting), playing techniques to support the above, the Dharma of sacred sound, incorporation of other sacred sound instruments
    • Part 5: Open Forum - Sharing (an opportunity to further discuss what was presented)

Richard recommends - If you are in, or traveling to, the NY / NJ area, Marco Dolce offers in-person one day Gong and Singing Bowl Intensive Classes that cover many of these subjects from a different perspective at the American Academy of Sound Healing, Metaphysics, and Music.

Richard Rudis, (Karma Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, for over thirty years and is an American practitioner of Vajrayana. A long time pilgrim of sacred sites he was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa while in Tibet in 1996. He is a teacher of Buddhist Dharma and Vibrational Healing utilizing the Himalayan sacred sound instruments. He is a published writer, lecturer, recording artist and founded the ‘Illuminarium’ (a vehicle to further the research in sacred sound healing).

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