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Gongland 42" Creation #9 Gongs



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This listing does not come with a mallet.

Note: Each gong listed is unique. Once each has sold, we won't get more exactly like them, but we will eventually get more in this size and style. Switch between the available gongs using the drop-down box to see and hear each one.

Gongland makes beautiful nickel silver gongs in the European gongmaking tradition. Their new Creation #9 is a powerful work of sonic and aesthetic art. It features 9 raised bubbles or nipples, radiating out around the center, evoking a look that pays tribute to great big Thai Temple Gongs.

It starts with a deep, mysterious note and builds gently with complex overtones and harmonics over the top, building to a ethereal roar. It is an extremely unique and powerful gong, a perfect addition to any sound therapy or spiritual healing toolkit.

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