Humes & Berg Hard Enduro Gong Cases With Pro Lining - IN STOCK NOW

Humes & Berg


These Enduro Gong Cases are available to purchase right now.

The Enduro Gong Cases With Pro Lining are strong and hard. Suitable for air travel, or when you really want to protect that gong if you go from place to place. Or if you just want to keep it safe if you live in an earthquake prone area, or have children who play paintball inside the house.

We like to keep some of these cases around for gong players who need a hard case more quickly. If you want to custom order an Enduro Gong Case with Pro Lining you can find the full selection here.

These Enduro Gong Cases come with a special foam layer inside them to protect the gongs in travel. Many people like this.

The image below shows examples of the different colors available from Humes and Berg.

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