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Idiopan Dual Tone 14" Tunable Steel Tongue Drums



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The Idiopan comes with a pair of mallets and display ring. It has an optional piezo pickup with standard 1/4" jack. Select the "With Pickup" option to see pricing.

The Idiopan Dual Tone 14" Tunable Steel Tongue Drum is designed with eight sets of tongues, tuned to the E Major Pentatonic scale (B2/B3; E3/E4; F#3/F#4; G#3/G#4; B3/4; C#4/C#5; E3/E4; F#4/F#5). It can also be tuned to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale (B2/B3; E3/E4; G3/G4; A3/A4; B3/B4; D4/D5; E4/E5; G4/G5). This provides more octaves than the standard Idiopans, allowing more range and combinations!

Each set of tongues are tuned to octaves and single tongues can be activated by lightly touching the octave you want to mute with your finger. The Dual Tone can be played solo or harmoniously with other instruments, filling the room with rich, pure tones. The outer tongues have a limited tuning range compared to the inner tongues.

Weight: 10 lbs.
Length: 14"
Height: 5"
Width: 14"

For a tuning demonstration, click here.

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