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Bag for Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stands



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This listing is for one bag for Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stands. It does NOT come with a stand. If you don't have one of those stands, click the link above and purchase one with a bag!

Our new bags for Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stands have landed! Like giant flying V guitars, they flew in on a lightning bolt to a tune of a ripping guitar solo and landed in our lives forever.

These bags are made specifically for our Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stands. If you have one of those and you need a way to carry it from your home to your yoga studio or sound healing practice, you're in the right place. Get yours now and start traveling in style!

Small Stand Bag Measurements:
Length: 48"
Top Width: 8"
Base Width: 22"
Depth: 2"

Large Stand Bag Measurements:
Length: 57"
Top Width: 7"
Base Width: 22.5"
Depth: 2"

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