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Imperfect 24" Vietnamese Dragon Gong



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This listing includes the gong and a mallet. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong.

Note: The gong in the photo is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look like. Please watch the video below to learn more about this gong.

Vietnamese Dragon Gongs are made of bronze and the Dragon image is etched into the bronze. The center "bell" or "nipple" helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck. These are great gongs that can be used for clearing out spaces, energy fields, or just celebrating the return of Frodo from destroying the ring.

This 24" Vietnamese Dragon Gong is not perfectly round, it has a slight dent in the side of it that occurred during manufacturing. This gong still looks and sounds great, so we are offering it to you at a discount. Get it while it lasts!

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