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Meinl 51" S-Shape Synthetic Didgeridoo



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This listing includes one didgeridoo.

The Meinl S-Shape Synthetic Didgeridoo is a modern spin on an ancient instrument. The S-shaped body allows for bigger sounds and provides a distinctive, full drone with harmonic overtones. Made from a durable synthetic material, these didgeridoos are long-lasting and unaffected by weather, so they are perfect for outdoor use. The hand-painted finish makes this instrument look as beautiful as it sounds.

Add one to your sound therapy and healing practice to bring a unique and ancient element to your sound baths. Add one to your percussion toolkit to bring new energy to your compositions.

Looking for a stand for this didgeridoo? We've found one for you! Click here to see it!

Item Specifications:
Tuning: C#
Length: 51"
Mouthpiece Diameter: 2"
Base Diameter: 4"
Weight: 1 lb 4 oz

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