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Meinl Chinese Chau Gongs



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This listing includes the gong, a traditional Chinese mallet, and a Meinl gong cover.

Meinl 22" Chau Gong

Meinl 26" Chau Gong

Meinl 30" Chau Gong

Meinl 34" Chau Gong

Meinl 38" Chau Gong

Meinl 40" Chau Gong

Meinl Chau Gongs are traditionally handcrafted in China by using a special bronze alloy. The face is mostly flat with a rim extending backwards (approximately 1-2") from the face of the gong.

The traditional Chau Gong has a single lathed band, creating a bullseye design on the face. The shape and the lathing of this gong creates a sound that is balanced and low pitched. By playing the gong more powerfully it opens up nicely with sizzling overtones.

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