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Meinl Sonic Energy Mallets



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This listing includes one gong mallet.

These are beautifully-designed mallets for Meinl gongs and also play well with others.

Meinl Sonic Energy Gong Mallets, with their soft heads and sturdy handles, give players the ability to play with a large spectrum of sounds from the quiet whisper to the loudest roar.



The Small Meinl Sonic Energy Mallet is recommended for gongs up to 28”.

Length: 13”
Width of Head: 3”
Length of Head: 3.5”
Weight: 8 oz

The Large Meinl Sonic Energy Mallet is recommended for gongs up to 40”.

Length: 15”
Width of Head: 4”
Length of Head: 4.25”
Weight: 11 oz

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