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Mine Cristal Quartzophone® Harp (H2) with 432 Hz Tuning

Mine Cristal


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This listing comes with the Quartzophone Harp (H2) with 432 Hz tuning, two special mallets, padded carrying case, presentation stand, and a brochure. These instruments come with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

Note: The instrument in the video is not the exact item you'll receive, but a very good example of the look and sound, using a Quartzophone Harp (H2) from our inventory.

The Quartzophone Harp (H2) with 432 Hz Tuning features 8 perfectly-matched, pure-Quartz tubes. They are permanently tuned to the C major scale according to A 432 Hz tuning. The tubes are mounted to a maple-wood frame with two continuous, zigzagging strings attached to slender metal pins, keeping the tubes perfectly centered. There are screws or keys to adjust the tension. This unique, patented system allows free oscillation and long sustain, creating pure, resonant, powerful tones.

Quartzophone instruments are carefully handcrafted in Quebec, Canada by Mine Cristal Inc. They were invented and developed after 12 years of research and experimentation by Gaudry Normand, who holds the patents on Quartzophone instruments (both mechanical and design) in the US and other countries.

The Quartzophone Harp creates beautiful, rich, pure tones and melodies. It's perfect for deep meditation, energy balancing and cleansing, with chanting, or as a powerful addition to your sound baths. Add this beautiful Quartzophone instrument to your toolkit today.

If you have a broken Mine Cristal Quartzophone®, please see our page here.

Quartzophone Harp (H2) Measurements:
Length: 22"
Height: 9"
Width: 19" 
Weight: 3.5 lbs

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