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Murat Diril Mosaic Gongs

Murat Diril


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This listing comes with the gong only. It does not come with a mallet.

Murat Diril Mosaic Gongs are hand-made in Turkey using a high-quality, unique Bronze alloy. This alloy is difficult to work with, but creates amazing sounds, making their line of gongs one-of-a-kind.

The sonic experience of their Mosaic series is dry with short decay. It has an earthy flavor, dirty, in a good way. This gong offers lots of control with a strong but not overbearing wash. It has a strong overall balance of volume, and color, with shorter sustain. 

These gongs are the perfect addition for sound therapists seeking a new, unique gong sound to fill space in their sound baths. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today.

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