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Oetken 32" Terra Mobilis Gongs

Broder Oetken


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This listing does not come with a mallet.

32" Terra Mobilis Gong (#ICQ926)

32" Terra Mobilis Gong (#TNQ037)

32" Terra Mobilis Gong (#UCE941)

32" Terra Mobilis Gong (#NEJ849)

In our terrestrial minds, much of our local solar system is still bathed in deep mystery. We will never reach the majority of the planets in our lifetime. While we can see them via satellite images and probes, this only furthers our fascination with what lies beyond the confines of our planet. AND YET! Yet, we live and breathe on an awe-inspiring planet already. On occasion we must ground ourselves from our lofty ideals, our ego's demands, and just enjoy our own tangible world.

Broder Oetken has handcrafted a planetary Earth gong tuned to the audible frequency of the orbit of our Earth. Oetken, trained by Paiste's Walter Meyer, in the art of gong tuning, is currently tuning planetary frequencies for Meinl Gongs as well as creating his own line, Oetken Gongs. He discusses it like this.

136.10 Hz in the note of C#3
The Earth gong vibrates an octave lower.
136.1 divided by 2 = 68.05 Hz C#2

Oetken's gong is characterized by the high production quality in its handmade decorative aspects. The surface has been scraped to create star-like beams radiating from the center of the gong outwards to the edges, creating a subtly beautiful effect. This gong is named "Terra Mobilis" or Mobile Earth because unlike most Earth gongs of this frequency, the Paiste is 38" and the Meinl (which Broder also makes) is 36", the Terra Mobilis is 32" and is much easier to transport.

All Oetken's gongs are made from NS12 (nickel silver) also known as Alpaka, a material used in German gong making. This is the same metal and from the same sources that Paiste uses to create their high quality gongs due to its wide-ranging sound and potency.


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