Oetken 40" Mjolnir Gong

Broder Oetken


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Mjolnir Gong

Broder Oetken's gong company is located in Northeastern Germany near the Rendsburg, one of the largest and oldest Viking trading centers. The city is still decorated with many Norse symbols, the main symbol being Mjölnir, or as you may know it, Thor's Hammer.

In mythology, Thor was the God of Thunder and he used his hammer (which could never miss a target) to protect the Norse people from their enemies. It was believed that whenever Thor would swing his hammer, thunder would roll through the sky.

Inspired by the exactness of Thor's hammer and the similarities it draws between the god and gongmasters who hammer metal to create thunder, Oetken created his Mjolnir gong.

The gong is made to vibrate deeper and more intensely than a typical symphonic gong. When struck, the sound of this gong is reminiscent of rolls of thunder, Oetken's way of paying homage to the legacy of Thor.

All Oetken's gongs are made from NS12 (nickel silver) also known as Alpaka, a material used in German gong making. This is the same metal and from the same sources that Paiste uses to create their high quality gongs due to its wide-ranging sound and potency.

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