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Oetken Water Gongs

Broder Oetken


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This listing does not include a gong mallet. We have unique videos for each unique Water Gong we have in stock. Use the drop-down box to select each one and to listen and watch video of each gong. 

20" Water Gong #BM5

24" Water Gong #PVY819

28" Water Gong #MSA

32" Water Gong #GBL

32" Water Gong #FTR

32" Water Gong #LOZ

36" Water Gong #OBR617

Play or listen to a Water gong up close and you cannot help but experience the energy of the element in your mind and body. Your cells will become aware of their liquid, you will see images from your mind's eye of various types of water. You will be inspired and remedied by the sound and by water....

Water, as well as being an elemental life force, is an experience of sound with extreme polarities, ranging from soft bell-like trickling to violent crashing waves. Natural and awe-inspiring in its strength, water is a powerful earth component. This particular gong is an homage to the strength and sound of this important element.

When played softly, the vibrations flow mystically in a swirling soothing manner, bubbling and cleansing just as water does, creating a calm, winding soundscape. If the gong is struck swiftly a harmonic oceanic wash rushes outward with an immense dynamic feel.

Broder Oetken handmade the Water Gong to be based off of the gong of the same name created by Walter Meyer (Oetken's master during his apprenticeship with Paiste).

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