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Ollihess 70 mm Rubber Lava Friction Mallet



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This listing comes with one friction mallet.

Ollihess Rubber 70mm Lava Friction Mallets are sleek and textured black mallets, perfect for calling mysterious resonance from your huge gong (36" and above) through the magic of friction.

They are made of high-quality, natural rubber.  The handle is made of teak for maximum comfort and grip when using it with your very large gong.

Here is some advice for extending the life of your rubber balls:

1. It’s best to keep it stored in a bag when not in use, for protection from damage. If possible, you can even use a lightproof bag, as some of the material used is UV sensitive.

2. The rubber heads have been created to resist aging. Over time, white spots may appear on your mallet because of the nature of the age-protection. This is nothing to be concerned about. You can give your mallet a quick shower with hot water, letting them air-dry.

Made of natural materials, they will wear out over time. The harder and more intense the usage, the more they wear out. Like any rubber product, a tire, a windshield wiper, they will not live forever. If you follow our advice, you’ll get as much life out of them as possible.

70 mm Edition Measurements:
Mallet Length: 8.25" / 21 cm
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.75" / 6.8 cm
Mallet Handle Thickness: .2" / 6 mm
Cork Grip Thickness: .75" / 17 mm

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