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Paiste 28" Bronze Gong No. 1



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This listing does not include a mallet.

You can find a selection of Paiste Mallets here.

Note: Each of these Paiste Bronze Gongs is unique. Once each one has sold, we won't have another one exactly like it, but we will eventually have more Paiste Bronze Gongs. Please watch the video below to see and hear if this unique gong resonates with you.

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#JAN925)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#PAL811)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#NEH435)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#DHM352)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#LSK103)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#VIV343)

Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 (#DIP743)

Paiste Bronze Gongs are works of sonic mastery. They are hand-hammered from CuSn8 Bronze- 92% copper and 8% tin - in the European gong-making tradition. Bronze Gongs provide an abundant spectrum of frequencies and harmonics. They are individual, versatile, and spirited.

When the sound of Paiste’s bronze gongs is compared to the same size nickel silver instruments, the bronze ones generally present a lower fundamental note, warmer character, and a more voluminous sound.

Due to the molecular property of bronze, these gongs will change more noticeably over time than their nickel-silver counterparts. The tension release that comes from playing as well as the natural aging of the metal create an evolution of each Paiste Bronze Gong in league with the influence of the gong player.

The Paiste Bronze Gong No. 1 is shiny and expressive. They are made similarly to the Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gongs, but then lovingly hand polished to achieve a mirror-like look in the vein to Paiste Brilliant Symphonic Gongs but with bronze.

Looking for a gong stand to go with your Paiste Bronze Gong? Take a look at our Paiste C Floor Stands for 28” Gongs or the small Unlimited Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stand! You can find a selection of our Unlimited Gongs Bags, here.

Item Specifications:
Diameter: 28"
Approximate Weight: 13 lbs

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