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Paiste Sound Creation Chakra Gongs with Set Stand



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This listing includes three Paiste Sound Creation Gongs and the Paiste Three-Tiered Set Stand. It does NOT come with mallets.

The Paiste Sound Creation Chakra Gongs provide direct and clear tones that can be used to direct healing sounds to people, or enhance your music.

Overall Sound Description: Harmonic, lasting, centered, penetrating, influencing, evenly fading .

Overall Sound Sensation: Influencing, penetrating.

The 11" Sound Creation Gong No.8 Chakra Head: Sound Color: Bright

The 14" Sound Creation Gong No.9 Chakra Chest: Sound Color: Medium.

The 16" Sound Creation Gong No.10 Chakra Abdomen: Sound Color: Dark

Paiste Three-Tiered Set Stand Measurements:
Height: 75"
Outer Width: 24"
Inner Width: 22"
Top Space (hooks to bar): 14"
Middle Space (hooks to bar): 18"
Bottom Space (hooks to floor): 37"
Foot Depth: 28"

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