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Sew Opera Stainless Steel Handpans

Sew Handpan


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This listing includes one Sew Opera Handpan, an Evateck Carrying Case, Sew Handpan Professional Cream, and 2-year Warranty.

Note: Each instrument is handcrafted and hit with thousands of hammer strikes. Because of this, every shell varies and each one will have its own unique markings. These markings will not affect the sound of the instrument.

Sew Opera Handpan - B Celtic Tuning

B Celtic Tuning
B | F# - A - B - C# - D - E - F# - A

Sew Opera Handpan - C Celtic Tuning

C Celtic Tuning
C | G - B♭ - C - D - E♭ - F - G - C

Sew Opera Handpan - C# Lydian Tuning

C# Lydian Tuning
C# | G# - C - C# - D# - F - G - G# - C

Sew Opera Handpan - C# Celtic Tuning

C# Celtic Tuning
C# | G# - B - C# - D# - E - F# - G# - B

Sew Opera Handpan - C# Sam Maher Scale

C# Sam Maher Scale
C# - A♭ - A - B - C# - E♭ - E - F# - A♭

Sew Opera Handpan - D Minor Tuning

D Minor Tuning
D | A - B♭ - C - D - E - F - G - A

Inspired by the elements and principles of the Renaissance and full-bodied sounds of an entire orchestra, Opera Stainless Steel Handpans were born!

Due to their stainless steel construction, the Opera Handpans have a warmer sound and longer sustain than the common handpan. Their ease of sound and better activation make them suitable for beginner and professional handpan enthusiasts alike.

These are the perfect instruments for adding support to your sound baths and sound healing sessions to promote a calm, meditative state.

To learn more about Sew Handpans, check out our Gongs Unlimited Super Blog Instrument Highlight here!

Handpan Measurements:
Diameter: 24"
Height: 11"
Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz

Case Measurements:
Diameter: 26"
Height: 12"
Total Weight with Handpan: 17 lbs

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