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Soma Pineal Gland Tuning Fork



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This listing comes with one tuning fork and a velvet carrying pouch.

Note: These tuning forks are made of aluminum, which is a soft metal, great for harmonics and sound healing. Because of this softness, you might find the occasional small mark or scratch. The fork isn’t damaged, nor is the tuning off. It can happen during packing by the manufacturer, or during shipping and handling. We provide safe storage and great care when handling them.

The Pineal Gland Tuning Fork from Soma Energetics is designed and tuned to vibrate at the resonant frequency of the Pineal Gland. This gland is part of the Endocrine system, located in the brain, just behind the forehead, often associated with the 6th Chakra on a spiritual and energetic level.

This gland is responsible for the production of Melatonin, the primary hormone to regulate sleep cycles. It is also associated with dreams. The 6th Chakra is the spiritual element of this biological system, related to the connection between our subtle body and the doorway to God or the Divine Source.

Use this tuning fork in your sound baths, your acupressure or massage therapy toolkit, or add it to your collection of personal meditation instruments to use sound for emotional and spiritual healing.

Tuning Fork Measurements:
Length: 8"

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