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Sri Yantra on Mother Tesla Gongs



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This gong comes with a traditional Chinese mallet.

These Sri Yantra Gongs are engraved Mother Tesla Gongs. The combination of sound and vision can create great spiritual healings for you and those for whom you play this gong. It has a bouncing ring to it. With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today.

What is the Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles that radiate outwards from the center.

Four triangles point heavenward. Some say they represent Shiva, or the masculine, while the five that point earthward are for Shakti, or the feminine. This suggests to some that the Sri Yantra symbolizes the union of the masculine and the feminine divine.

We also find that this central point can represent the junction of the physical, manifest world and the spiritual realms and the Source, your Higher Self.

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