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Svaram Sonic Chi Circle Chime



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This listing includes the chime, mallet, and carrying bag.

The ancient Chinese described Chi as “life force”. They believed it permeated everything and linked their surroundings together. Chi was also linked to the flow of energy around and through the body, forming a cohesive functioning unit. By understanding the rhythm and flow of Chi, they believed they could guide exercises and treatments to provide stability and longevity.

Musical tones, vibrations, and the silence in between have the ability to touch every layer of being: physiological-emotional-psychological- intellectual-psychic-spiritual. The Svaram Sonic Chi Circle Chime is tuned to the Pythagorean cycle of pure fifths and covers a mid-range of harmonics with a strong, long sustaining sound.

The simple design and ergonomic form of the Sonic Chi Circle invites you to rewarding explorations into sensibility, awareness, versatility, personal growth, and integration. This chime can be handheld, but due its size, is better mounted on a stand.

Add one to your sound healing toolkit today for a unique splash of color in your sound baths.

Chime Measurements:
Height When Hung: 37"
Width: 24"
Approximate Weight: 4lbs 8 oz

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