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Svaram Svara Tarang



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This listing includes one Svara Tarang in the note of your choice and a mallet. There is an option to purchase a set of all 7 that includes two mallets and a carrying case.

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Full Set of 7 Notes

Svaram Svara Tarang are a progressive development from compound metallophones. Typically metallophones resemble the wooden-bar xylophone, however the Svara Tarang have metal bars of aluminum-alloy that offer a different sound quality and timbre. In contrast to the punctuated sound of wooden bars, these metal bars sustain the sound longer. These clear, crystal-like tones invite deeper listening, following the slow fading of the sound that leads to the experience of resonance and silence.

The single sounds of the Svara Tarang can be arranged in manifold ways (lines, rows, stars, circles...) or configured in pairs and trios. A great way to use them is in groups as a compound ensemble, where they can be played both standing or while moving.

In English, "tarang" translates to wave, where "svara" means respond. So say hello to a new sound experience, add them to your sound healing toolkit today and captivate listeners with these unique bell-like tones.

Item Dimensions:
Tube: 8.5"
Base: 3"
Chime: 7.75" x 1.5" x 0.25"

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