Thai Golden Nipple Gongs



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This listing includes the gong and mallet.

Golden Thai Gongs are imported from Thailand directly. They are made by gong makers in Thailand for us. We are always working to get more here, because we need to dance, and gong, and sing and love, and be more than your summer fling!

Gongs are made in Thailand in various locations. Some are made in Bangkok, others in the city of Chiang Mai, and others on the evocative Route 2222, and some are made of bronze, some of brass, some of steel.

We have polished bronze Thai Gongs below. They are shiny, shiny with clear tones for you who like to live golden.



The 10" Thai Golden Nipple Gong

The 12" Thai Golden Nipple Gong

The 16" Thai Golden Nipple Gong

The 18" Thai Golden Nipple Gong

The 20" Thai Golden Nipple Gong

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