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Theta Bells Quinta Perfetta Chimes



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This listing includes two tuned chimes, hanger, and a striker.

The Theta Bells Quinta Perfetta Chimes (C 512 Hz & G 768 Hz) are tuned according to the Pythagorean ratio, creating a musical Perfect Fifth (Quinta Perfetta). The Perfect Fifth interval has always been used in sound and musical therapies to harmonize the movement of subtle energies within our body.

These chimes are made from aluminum pipes that create clean tones with long sustain and great potential for emotional and spiritual healing. The handle of the bells allows you to hold them comfortably in your hand or to hang them on a stand or support.

These chimes produce harmonious and relaxing sounds, stimulating sensations of well-being and tranquility. Add these chimes to your spiritual and sound healing toolkit today!

Total Length When Hung: 33.5"
Width of Hanger: 13"
Length of Small Pipe: 21.5"
Length of Large Pipe: 26.5"
Pipe Diameter: 1.5"
Weight: 1 lb 13 oz

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