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Tone of Life 30" Water Gongs

Tone of Life


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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: Each of these 30" Water Gongs is unique. Once each one sells, we won't get another exactly like it, but we will eventually get more Water Gongs. Listen to each one below, or check back for more later.

Tone of Life 30" Water Gong (#GRB214)

Tone of Life 30" Water Gong (#TWO240)

The Tone of Life Water Gong is the newest gong in the 4-Element Series. Whereas Shemoon (original Water Gong) represents and influences the ebb and flow of our waters, The New Water Gong represents water in all of its manifestations.

The Water Gong is created in six sizes, each with their own unique qualities but all with the quality of the Water element. Connecting us with a deep ancestral knowledge through our feelings and emotions, they are nourishing and life giving.

These gongs have a very deep, steady, natural and raw sound. Like the waters around us, they can take you from a tranquil lagoon to a raging ocean. With a great variety of overtones and a beautiful build-up of low, medium and higher tones, the New Water Gong will enchant and delight you with its beautiful appearance and captivating sound.

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