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Tone of Life Arched Triple Gong Stand for 32" to 42" Gongs

Tone of Life


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This listing comes with the gong stand only.

Do you need a bag for this gong stand? Check out this Bag for Arched Triple Stands!

The Tone of Life Triple Arched Gong Stand is solid gold! Okay so it's not real gold, but it's a gold-quality stand with a gold finish and it securely holds three gongs.

The stand features an arched top with two arched arms branching out and forward on each side. The curves match the round beauty of your gongs, making it very pleasing to the eyes.

The center holds gongs up to 42" and the arms hold gongs up to 30". It has wheels allowing you to roll your gongs where they need to go.

The Tone of Life team are experienced gong players and gong makers who use these gongs in their own gong meditations. They thought of everything with this design. They recommend this stand to practitioners of yoga, sound therapy, and healing.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 67"
Width: 73"
Foot Depth: 32"
Center Interior Width: 49"
Center Hooks to Bottom Bar (top): 56"
Depth of Front Arms to Back Wheels: 41"

Learn how to assemble this gong stand here!:

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