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Tone of Life Gong Bags

Tone of Life


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This listing comes with one gong bag only.

Are you the proud owner of a Tone of Life Gong? Not sure how to transport or protect it from dust and dirt? Tone of Life's Gong Bags are designed with their gongs in mind, so they fit your gong and your gong needs perfectly.

These gong bags work great for other gongs as well, whether you're carrying Chinese bronze gongs or other European nickel gongs. Each bag features a reinforced handle, lots of protection for the rim, and a non-slip edge for resting. There's even a pocket for your gong mallets (Note: the bag for 50" gongs DOES NOT include a mallet pocket).

Add one of these comfortable, chic gong bags to your sound therapy toolkit today and start carrying your gongs to and from the sound bath... in style!

Here's what the back of the bags look like:
Tone of Life Bag (back)

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