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Unlimited 26" Great Mother Tesla Gong - Tuned to F#2



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This listing includes the gong and a traditional Chinese mallet.

The note "F" is associated with the Heart Chakra, while F# resonates with the thymus gland chakra located just above the heart center. It can be associated with High Heart Chakra Healing in some circles.

Note: This gong is unique. Once it sells, we won't have another one exactly like it. The gong in the picture is not the exact gong you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look like. Please watch the video below to see and hear if this unique gong resonates with you.

Unlimited 26" Great Mother Tesla Gong - Tuned to F#2 (#FMT483)

Symbolizing creativity, maternity, fertility, and nurturing energy, the wisdom of the Great Mother both shelters and challenges and so meets the needs of the human spirit. The Great Mother is a creative force not only for life, but also for art and ideas. Thus we bring forth to you The Great Mother Tesla Gong!

Exclusive to Gongs Unlimited, the Great Mother Tesla Gongs are similar to the Mother Tesla Gongs that we have all come to love, but with a nipple! The raised bump in the middle, known as a bell or nipple, helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck.

These gongs are unlathed. This is how the gong looks when it comes out of the oven. Most Chinese gongs have this color when they come out of their cast mold, but then are lathed to create different tones. With their unlathed exterior, these gongs maintain a deeper tone and do not crash like a traditional Wind or Chau Gong.

Item Specifications:
Diameter: 26" / 65 cm
Rim Thickness: 1.5" / 3.8 cm
Approximate Weight: 15 lbs

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