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Unlimited 50 Hz Nerve Tuning Fork (Weighted) and Activator



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This listing comes with one weighted tuning fork, carrying case, and an activator.

Note: These tuning forks are made of aluminum, which is a soft metal, great for harmonics and sound healing. Because of this softness, you might find the occasional small mark or scratch. The fork isn’t damaged, nor is the tuning off. It can happen during packing by the manufacturer, or during shipping and handling. We provide safe storage and great care when handling them.

Our Nerve Tuning Fork is weighted and tuned precisely to 50 Hz, allowing deep vibration that can be felt when placed directly on the body. We recommend using these tuning forks with different acupressure points for grounding, relaxation, and meditation.

Like a targeted micro-massage, these forks help to bring focus and awareness to different parts of the body while aiding in the release of stress and tension. We invite you to hear this fork in the video above and visualize the spiritual and sonic washing of your nervous system. Relax your body, let your nervous system re-calibrate.

Add this tuning fork to your sound therapy toolkit today and start working with Tuning Forks for sonic massage and meditation.

Tuning Fork Measurements:
Length: 12"

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