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Unlimited Internal Wave Gong Hanger for Gongs 18" to 44"



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This listing is for the gong hanger only. Wall fasteners are not included as these will be specific for each unique space, stud, or drywall situation.

Please watch Joshua, the designer of this fabulous item, in the assembly-installation video below to learn how to hang it.

Any time two different fluids meet, it can create disturbances in the environment that travels outwards as waves. The ocean is stratified; with heavy, cold water below and light, warm water above. This steadily changing density results in internal waves.

Turbulence from these waves mixes the stratified ocean; moving nutrient-laden water to the coastlines while moving carbon dioxide down the the depths, helping to keep the atmosphere healthy.

Channel the energy of the moon with the aesthetic lunar cycle design of the Unlimited Internal Wave Gong Hanger as you navigate the ebb and flow of life's internal waves. The Internal Wave Gong Holder is a versatile space saving alternative to floor gong stands!

This sturdy wall hanger can be directly mounted to the wall. It is HIGHLY recommended to mount this gong hanger to a single framing stud behind your wall. If mounted to a stud, this stand will hold gongs up to 44" or 60 lbs. If mounted using dry wall anchors, this wall hanger will support gongs up to 32" or 25 lbs.

There are three spacing options available for placing the gong hooks - either 6", 9", or 12" apart - to accommodate the size of your gong, length of your gong chord, or how you would like your gong to hang. The choice is yours!

Wall Plate Height: 12"
Wall Plate Width: 3"
Crossbar Width: 16"
Depth from Wall: 13.5"
Weight: 3 lbs
Gong Hook Spacing (Three Options): 6" , 9", or 12"

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