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Unlimited Lil' Sweetie Gong Mallet



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This listing includes one gong mallet.

For fans of the Sweet Spot Mallet, the Advanced Percussive Sciences Lab of Unlimited Technologies presents you the Unlimited Lil' Sweetie Gong Mallet!

The head of the Lil' Sweetie Mallet has a nice weight on the inside with a soft fabric on the outside. The handle is made of wood, easy to hold, and provides a nice balance of weight. This mallet offers low attack for softer playing that highlights the fundamental note of your gong. With heavier, harder playing you can really pull out the brighter overtones.

We recommend this mallet for Chinese or German Style gongs up to 32" in diameter. They create sonic balance: good depth of fundamental without too much attack, and great resonance and harmonic overtones with heavier playing that you don't usually expect from smaller gongs.

Add one to your sound therapy and spiritual healing toolkit today!

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 14"
Handle Length: 11.5"
Head Length: 2.5"
Head Diameter: 3"
Handle Diameter: 0.25"
Weight: 4.5 oz

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