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Unlimited Taoist Moonlight Gongs



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This listing includes the gong size of your choice and a mallet.

Note: If you're looking for our 40" to 44" Chinese Gongs, click here! For 48" and above, click here. We've recorded every individual gong over 40" so you can see and hear each one and choose the perfect gong for your needs.

Note: These gongs are hand-lathed, not machine-lathed. Because of this, they will have an artisanal quality to them. See the pictures for more detail.

In the deep, pitch black of night, under the Taoist Moonlight you can see the Way, the rhythm of the Universe. You can watch it flowing, pushing through the darkness of matter and material nature, leading you forward.

Let the light of the Dao guide you in your journey to oneness with the great movement of being. Hear a sample of the sound of this gong in the video above.

May the light of the Taoist Moon aid you in your spiritual and emotional healing practice. Add one of these gongs to your sound therapy or yoga studio and meditate on the peaceful, harmonic motion of all things.

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