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Unlimited Wind Gong Mallet



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This listing comes with one gong mallet.

Note: This gong mallet was designed specifically to fill the mallet-shaped hole in your hearts left by Mike Balter. So if you're looking for the Balter WG1, look no further!

This is an incredible mallet for a Wind Gong or similar thin-type gong. You get a snap-crack and a whiz-bang when you hit your gong with this Wind Gong Mallet that you don't get with a heavier mallet, and what that does is make a splashy gong like the Wind Gong really resonate.

Don't settle for just the basic white mallet. Go with a percussion mallet designed specially for your gong.

Mallet Measurements:
Length: 15"
Head Diameter: 2"
Head Length: 2.5"

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