28" Unlimited Xiang Jia Gong



This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The 28" Xiang Jia Gong is a beautiful looking and sounding traditional Chinese Gong. Thick, unlathed bronze combined with exceptionally deep rims deep work together to create mysterious and profound tones. This is gong that does not crash or splash like a lathed gong. The Xiang Jia gong is about power and presence.



The 28” Xiang Jia Gong is a heavy, deep-rimmed Chinese Gong that has the tone of deep earth rumble.

It is the gong for rolling in the deep like Adele. 

It also puts the heavy in heavy metal.

The Xiang Jia Gong rings out with a chiming tone and carries a deep rumble for a long time. This gong is a musician's friend.

Gong Diameter: 28”
Rim Depth: 3.5” 

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