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Vic Firth Soundpower Gong Mallets

Vic Firth


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This listing includes one gong mallet.

Yes! We do like Vic Firth Gong Mallets.

WHY? Because the large GB1 and GB2 Gong Mallets have soft heads, and are great to use on Paiste Gongs and Meinl Gongs, where you don't want to injure the thinner metal, and yet want a deep tone.

We like the GB3 and the GB4 for the heavier metal of the Chinese Gongs and even for Thai Gongs and Vietnamese Gongs. The GB3 and GB4 have the weight you need to get them sounding meaty and fierce!

GB1 Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 17"
Handle Length: 13"
Mallet Head Diameter: 5"
Mallet Head Height: 4"

Sasha Mallethead was very young once, and she really loved her Vic Firth Gong Mallet back then! She knew it was a great inexpensive mallet to use on large Paiste Gongs.

The surface area is big and the softness brings out the deep tones gently and easily! Sasha was so smart as a young girl. Just see how happy she is with her new Vic Firth GB1 Gong Mallet!

If your gong is 28" or larger, embrace this mallet, and then bang your Paiste Gong without fear, and with a lot of money in your wallet.

GB2 Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 16"
Handle Length: 14"
Mallet Head Diameter: 4"
Mallet Head Height: 2"

The Vic Firth GB2 is another great gong mallet that is a low cost substitute for the Paiste Brand Gong Mallets.

Synthetic Wool Head and Wooden Handle - How many men do you know who fit this description? Well, it may be a bit of a zinger when directed to a human, but when you are talking gong mallet - it's a great description!

The soft head makes this gong striker soft enough to work with the thin nickel-silver of a Paiste Gong, or when you want to build the sound of your tam-tam slowly and gently.

GB3 Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 18"
Handle Length:12"
Mallet Head Diameter: 4"
Mallet Head Height: 6"

The Vic Firth GB3 Gong Mallet is what you need when you want to get all the sound you can out of a larger (36"+) gong.

The weight of the specially designed mallet head is enough to bring out all the great resonance and harmonics from your instrument. The softness of the fabric not only protects the metal but it gives a little when it strikes the gong, and brings more depth.

Hitting a large gong without the right mallet, is like driving a Ferrari in a school zone. You just aren't using it to its potential.

If you have a large gong, or are buying one, don't cut corners on the mallet. Go with the SoundPower and you won't be disappointed.

GB4 Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 17.5"
Handle Length:13"
Mallet Head Diameter: 3.5"
Mallet Head Height: 5"

The Vic Firth GB4 is not as heavy as the GB3, but it still has that SoundPower trademark punch. It's just a little lighter to play and use.

The head of the mallet is not as much of a block, so you can get more levels to your sound when you hit your gong. You can ROCK, but you can also ROLL. You can HIP, but you can also HOP. You can COUNTRY, but you can also WESTERN. The The SoundPower GB4. It's here, waiting for you. Vic Firth Mallets are the Firthiest. And the Vickiest as well.

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