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Vietnamese Tuned Gong Sets



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This listing comes with one chromatic set of 13 tuned Vietnamese gongs and one Vietnamese gong mallet.

Please Note: This listing does NOT come with a gong stand.

Set #1 of Tuned Gongs in the 3rd Octave

Set #2 of Tuned Gongs in the 3rd Octave

Vietnam has a history of making gongs and playing them in spiritual ceremonies and music going back hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact, gong making and playing in the highlands of Vietnam have been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Every family used to have at least one gong to be played. Now, we've brought full chromatic tuned sets of Vietnamese gongs into the fold of our Gongs Unlimited offerings.

Choose from the sets available using the drop-down box and hear each set in the video at the top to begin composing and performing with these beautifully tuned gongs.

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