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Wooden Stands for Tuned Healing Chimes



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This listing comes with one Wooden Frame for Tuned Healing Chimes. Chimes are NOT included. To see our selection of Tuned Healing Chimes, click here.

Wood is good, wood is great, wood will hold your chimes so straight! That's right, we now have hand-crafted wooden stands to frame and hold your Unlimited Tuned Healing Chimes beautifully. Who has time to be holding a bunch of chimes, dangling off of their arms? Not you, and probably not any of your friends either!

So why are you waiting? I mean, we're patient and all, take your time. But we know, deep in our heart-gears that these are exactly what you need to present your Tuned Healing Chimes.

Add one of these wooden frames for 6, 9, or 11 chimes to your cart whenever you're ready. Our stands (and the chimes that hang on them) are the perfect addition to any at-home meditation or sound therapy and spiritual healing practice.

Stand (for 6 Chimes) Measurements:
Height: 37.5"
Width: 23.5"
Depth of Feet: 17"

Stand (for 9 Chimes) Measurements:
Height: 51.5"
Width: 32.8"
Depth of Feet: 17"

Stand (for 11 Chimes) Measurements:
Height: 51.5"
Width: 39"
Depth of Feet: 17"

Stand (for 15 Chimes) Measurements:
Height: 54.75"
Width: 51"
Depth of Feet: 17"

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