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Woodstock Zenergy Bell

Woodstock Chimes


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This listing comes with one Zenergy Bell and a striker.

Woodstock's new Zenergy Bell features a single silver aluminum tube, mounted to a teak-finished ash wooden holder. It has a focused, clean tone. It's bright and joyful; it's warm, with an energetic feel to it.

From Woodstock: "We live in a vast ocean of sound. But what is the sound made by a single drop of water? Just a gentle tap with the mallet and the Zenergy Bell emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts and lasts.

Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing, because they help us to focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within. For best results, play the Zenergy Bell quietly, being careful not to dampen the sound by letting the mallet rest on the tube after striking it. Take a deep breath and listen. Relax. Refocus. Reenergize."

Chime Measurements:
Length: 19.5"
Width: 2.5"
Height: 2.3"

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