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Comparing and Assembling Tone of Life Telescopic and Travel Gong Stands

by M H January 24, 2023

Tone of Life Gong Stands


Tone of Life Gong Stands are the product of 15 years of development and refinement, striving to create a gong stand perfectly-matched with their stellar gongs. They've experimented with many stand designs and variations to find solutions to your unique needs so that your gong is cared for–whether you're playing at home, in the studio, or traveling from town to town. 

We offer a range of styles and designs from them. It's hard to know where to start with these stands. Do you want something arched? Do you need multiple gongs held? Are you travelling? Do you need something compact? They have a stand to solve each of these problems. 

Today, we're going to look at two of their more unique designs: their frameless Telescopic Stand for up to 36" Gongs and their frameless Travel Stand for up to 42" Gongs. We've got some videos below from Josh, our Supreme Sorcerer of Stand Assembly, where he talks us through some of the differences between these two stands. Then he will walk you through the assembly of each. Now you can confidently purchase the perfect frameless Tone of Life Gong Stand for your needs.


So, Like, What's the Difference?

The first thing you notice when you look at these two stands is that they look very, very similar. Unlike most arched or square framed stands, the gong is supported by a single, central upright piece with a hanger at the top. This allows the player more freedom of movement around their gong. 

So what are the subtle differences and features of each of these two unique, compact gong stands? Why purchase one of them vs. the other? I'll let Josh take over from here. 

Great! Thank you, Josh! So now that you understand the differences between these stands, you're ready to decide which one is for you, place your order, and we'll do the rest! But wait... what do you do once it arrives? You wanted a gong stand, but what you received is a box of metal bars and wing nuts. Yes, some assembly is required. But we believe in you, and more importantly, Josh is here to help you assemble your chosen stand in the two sections below.


Assembling the Telescopic Stand for up to 36" Gongs

Dang, Josh is great! We're so lucky to have him here with us, creating his beautiful SoundSmithing Instruments and other custom designs all while working through the kinks and complications of gong stand assembly–what a wizard! Don't get too excited though, there's another assembly video below!


Assembling the Travel Stand for up to 42" Gongs

And that's how you assemble the Travel Stand! Thanks again, Josh! And thanks to all of you out there in blogville for following along. We hope this helps you on our frameless Tone of Life Gong Stand journey!

But what about the rest of Tone of Life's amazing gong stands? Maybe you're watching and reading along with us and you're thinking, "What about the rest of Tone of Life's amazing gong stands?" 

Don't worry. We have a whole playlist of videos on YouTube with Tone of Life Stand Assembly videos by our best-boy Josh! It includes the videos you just watched, as well as a few assembly walkthroughs of their other styles. 


The Unlimited "Tone of Life Stand Assembly" Playlist

Until next time–Happy Gonging and Joyous Assembling to you all! 



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