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SoundSmithing Sound Healing Instruments

Joshua Ray Smith uses his high level of craftsmanship and design to forge and fabricate sound healing instruments and sound sculptures. Working with awareness of the vibrational sound energy within metal is a spiritual practice for Joshua.

Born on a small cattle ranch in Wyoming, his first experiences of space, time, and sound, were endless horizons, brilliant starscapes, and the high desert wind of the Rocky Mountains. The sense of natural silence with sound is a deep inspiration within Joshua's work.

Joshua's background includes welding fabrication as well as art, sculpture, and metalsmithing. He received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and served as Assistant Professor of Art at Concordia University. He has been a lecturer for the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.

He currently operates SoundSmithing, a metal sound fabrication studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. He makes vibrational sound instruments for healing practitioners that bridge sculpture, design, and practical use. SoundSmithing also develops and designs custom project commissions.

Find more info at his SoundSmithing website, or at his personal artist website here.

Artist's Concept Statement from Joshua Smith–the mind behind SoundSmithing–on his Unified Heart Sound Plates:

"The Unified Heart is a symbol of unity and harmony. The Unified Heart, as a symbol, points to a synergy of perspectives and reconciliation of opposites. These sound plates are about Embrace. Embrace in feeling, action, and fluid motion.

The Unified Heart plate spins in space and the embrace’s sound is projected outward in every direction. In stillness and in spin, they are a physical representation of dualities unified.

One heart inverted over the other heart. Each heart holding the other, while at the same time being held.

As this sound plate spins and sings, the idea of one heart separate from another disappears.

The edges of heart spin and the circle at the center finds its focus."