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How to Use and Care for B Love Sacred Sound Flumis and Friction Mallets

by Max Holmquist December 10, 2020

We like to think of ourselves as aficionados of friction, regents of resonance, heralds of the hum, and so without further ado, we present some new flumis from the well-loved Bear of B Love Sacred Sound in the UK.

We love these mallets (see them here in our store). They're made of a unique silicone rubber composition that is exceptional. The come in a range of sizes, offering broad and narrow sonic textures on many sizes and styles of gongs. They're easy to use and maintain.  We will be making more videos about these great mallets but rather than wait for us to complete those, we are providing these initial instructions from Bear himself.

How to Use Your Sacred Sound Flumi

To get the best grip, rest the mallet handle in your palm of your hand and grip it between your thumb and index finger, very close to the mallet head. This creates the best level of control with your mallet and ensures that the handle isn't being put under too much strain.  

When playing, don't rush. Take your time, experiment, coax your gong with intentional, thoughtful strokes with the friction mallet, pulling gently towards the center of the gong, allowing the mallet to do the work. The act of performing with these mallets is an act of meditation, so allow it to ground and center you. 

See the video below for a demonstration and advice from B Love Sacred Sound:

And check out the demonstration we put together as well for more examples with these mallets:

Storing Your Sacred Sound Flumi

To keep these mallets in good shape, treat them with care and respect. It's important to protect them from dust and dirt by keeping them in a padded mallet bag or in a dedicated box. We also recommend cleaning them after each playing session to make sure that they stay in good shape and to keep your gong clean.  They are so easy to clean!

How to Clean your Sacred Sound Flumi

These mallets will accrue dirt from use over time, that's why it's important to keep them protected when they're not in use. To cleanse your dirty mallet, gently wipe the head of the mallet with a damp microfiber cloth and it will be beautiful once again. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. A microfiber cloth is enclosed with your mallet order. This will help to ensure that they last a long time. 

Watch our video below for info on how to clean and care for these mallets:

See a demonstration from Bear (the mallet maker himself!) on how to clean your dirty mallets:

Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist