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Instrument Highlight: Real Gongs

by M H January 12, 2023

Real Gongs (pronounced ray-al) are created by artist, professor of yoga, and gong master José Antonio Álvarez. Each of his sacred creations is handcrafted and hand-hammered with care in Spain, combining techniques from the European and Asian gong making traditions honed over thousands of years. The handcrafted nature of these gongs means that they are truly one-of-a-kind. 

The process for each unique piece begins with deep meditation and proceeds with powerful intention, respect, and love. Much time and attention is put into each piece to ensure that the final instrument is the perfect balance of sonic, energetic, and aesthetic beauty. Read about each step of the process below, directly from their website (I've edited the google translation for clarity):

"We begin by cutting the discs and marking work lines, then burning the outer edge using a mixture of gases injected with oxygen until the metal is red hot. We allow it to cool and rest before beginning the hammering process. There are additional rest periods between each period of hammering to allow the metal to assimilate and release tension while taking form.  

Once molded with smooth curves, we begin the tension release process to allow the body to form. Then the stabilization process begins, applying Sacred Geometry. Once this is done, we begin with cleaning, engraving, and other aesthetic processes. Then the tuning begins. Once the gong is fine-tuned to the desired Hz, a final cleaning is done and the gong is played with great care to soften and prepare it for its new partner." 

Read more below to see and hear each of their beautiful planetary gongs that we're currently offering here at Gongs Unlimited. Maybe one of these amazing pieces of sonic artwork is perfect for your sound healing, gong yoga, or sound bath practice.


Venus represents the Energy of love, beauty, and desire. Working with the energy of Venus in sound baths and spiritual healing can help you find inner harmony and balance, to reclaim feelings of self-worth and value. This energy is great when working to remove blocks in the 4th Chakra that keep one from a sense of belonging. It can help to dissolve stuck energies that are keeping you from believing that you deserve Divine Grace. It is a powerful energy for releasing pain and healing with love. 

See and hear the 34" Real Venus Gong we have available below and Click Here to see it in our store: 



Mars represents the Energy of action, survival, desire and moving things forward. Working with Mars energy in your sound baths or spiritual sound healings can help people who are struggling to break through self-doubt and lethargy–whatever is causing procrastination or inaction–to activate your action center and take steps towards moving your goals forward. It can help to break through blocks in the 1st Chakra and can help dissolve energies that are keeping you from fully Grounding your spirit into your body and being present in the moment so you can act.

See and hear the 34" Real Mars Gong we offer in the video below and Click Here to see it in our store: 



Neptune represents the Energy of intuition, the subconscious, psychic power, and dreams. Working with the energy of Neptune in sound baths and spiritual healing can balance your psychic channels and awareness and clean out stuck energies and blocks in the mind-space that keep you from accessing your Spiritual Gifts. This energy is great when working to remove blocks in the 7th Chakra that keep you disconnected from Spiritual Guidance. It can help to dissolve stuck energies and negative thought patterns that are keeping you from your Divine Truth and Inspiration. It is a powerful energy for strengthening connection to Spirit. 

See and hear the 34" Real Neptune Gong we offer in the video below and Click Here to see it in our store: 


Synodic Moon

The Synodic Moon (the period from one Full Moon to the next, or 29.53 days, with the Earth as the reference point) represents the Energy of our emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. It rules over the emotional body, pulling and pushing at it like the force of the Moon's gravity on the tides of the Ocean. It could be associated with the 6th (Third Eye) and 4th (Heart) chakras, connecting our emotional center to the window of our unconscious. Working with the Synodic Moon's energy can help you to get in touch with your own emotional cycles and patterns, shedding a healing light and bringing awareness to your shifting emotional needs and patterns and helping to dissolve energetic blocks.

See and hear the 34" Real Synodic Moon Gong we offer in the video below and Click Here to see it in our store: 



Jupiter represents the Energy of wisdom, growth, luck, and intuition. It's often associated with the 6th Chakra, the place where you access your psychic power and intuitive guidance. Working with the Jupiter's energy can help to dissolve blocks and energetic patterns that are keeping you from accessing your Inner Wisdom, allowing you to develop your spiritual gifts and continue growing and evolving as a spirit in a body living on Earth. It's a powerful tool for healers looking for a benevolent helper in their sound baths. 

See and hear the 34" Real Jupiter Gong we offer in the video below and Click Here to see it in our store: 


We're so excited to bring Real Gongs into our Grand Bazaar of Healing Instruments! There are a range of other styles and designs from Real Gongs, but for now this is what we have for you. We think they're the perfect addition for any sound therapist working with gongs to heal. 

Check back soon to see if we have any new styles and in the mean time, grab one of the amazing gongs above while they're still available.

You can see all of these gongs in our Real Gongs Collection in the store. You can also read more about different planetary energies and how they relate to sound healing in our Recent Blog Post (Part 4) on the Cosmic Octave



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