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24" Meinl Planetary Tuned Gongs on the Welcoming Stand

Unlimited & Meinl


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This listing does not include a gong mallet.

You can find a selection of Meinl Mallets here.

Note: The gong in the photo and video is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look and sound like.

24" Meinl Neptune Planetary Tuned Gong (G24-N)

211.44 Hz / G#2 
A4/a' 440 Hz → 448.03 Hz 

24" Meinl Sidereal Moon Planetary Tuned Gong (G24-M-SI)

227.43 Hz / A2#
A4/a' 440 Hz → 429.33 Hz

24" Meinl Synodic Moon Planetary Tuned Gong (G24-M-SY)

210.42 Hz / G2#
A4/a' 440 Hz → 445.86 Hz

24" Meinl Uranus Planetary Tuned Gong (G24-U)

207.36 Hz / G2#
A4/a' 440 Hz → 439.38 Hz

24" Meinl Venus Planetary Tuned Gong (G24-V)

221.23 Hz / A2
A4/a' 440 Hz → 442.46 Hz

Meinl Planetary Gongs are made of Nickel Silver (a.k.a. Alpaca) in Germany in the European gong-making tradition. They are hand-tuned to frequencies calculated by Hans Cousto in his work, "The Cosmic Octave". These frequencies can help tap into the energy of the Sun, the Moon and other celestial bodies by way of sound vibration. Each one has a distinct fundamental note with expanding harmonics above. These gongs create a beautiful and soothing overall atmosphere, perfect for spiritual and emotional healing.

Welcome the healing sounds of gongs into your life with the new Welcoming Gong Stand. Made from solid iron, this stand is sturdy and supportive. The feet of this stand were designed specifically to ensure the stand will not tip over. The C-Shape design perfectly highlights your beautiful gong!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Diameter: 35" / 89 cm
Depth of Feet: 12" / 30.5 cm
Space Between Hooks: 11" / 28 cm
Weight: 10 lbs

Learn how to assemble this stand with Brennan, the assembly wizard:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This warning applies to the metal gong stand.

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