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Paiste Gong Guts - Various Sizes



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The sizes listed above are based on the diameter of the gong.

For example: The 28" Gong Gut is for a 28" gong. The gong gut itself is not 28" long. So relax. You do NOT need to worry about how long your gong gut is, you just need to know the diameter of you gong. Very simple and easy, my friends!

Please note- we cannot accept returns on Gong Guts if you have used them, or tried tying a knot in them, etc.

For more information, read our informative blog post on gong guts!

Paiste Gong Guts suspend Paiste Gongs on their stands, and are designed to impede vibrations from spreading into the stand. This gut string allows your Paiste Gong to be free suspended, leading to unaffected sound.

The Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited are happy to offer this key part--the literal Guts!!!--of the Paiste Gong Part Pantheon to our customers.

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