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Meinl 32" Don Conreaux Eight Corners of Heaven Gong



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This listing does not include a gong mallet.

Fundamental Note: D2 - D2#

We believe at Gongs Unlimited that this gong has an excellent mix of depth and brightness to its sound. It does not wash easily, which is nice, as many highly polished gongs can do that. The hand hammering gives it a nice spread and balance when played.

From Meinl: "The Eight Corners of Heaven Mirror Gong was developed in collaboration with the Gong Master Don Conreaux. This gong features a unique appearance with ancient mysterious symbols set against a mirror finish.

The eight runic glyphs represent the cycle of life and suggest that the sound of the gong originates in the eight corners of heaven propelling the cycle of life on earth. Both sides of the gong are finished with a mirror surface allowing the player to see himself, listeners, or other gong players in an ensemble.

This is also beneficial in meditation and therapy use for self-mirroring and reflecting surrounding lights."

You can find a selection of Meinl Mallets here.

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