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We have so many gongs! Our gongs are great for sound therapy, for your spiritual healing practice, orchestral music, ambient compositions, celebrations, and more. 

We have gongs from all over the world, made by artisans and experienced masters alike. Any type of gongs you could want, we've got them.

Paiste Gongs, Meinl Gongs, Oetken Gongs, Tone of Life Gongs, Gongland Gongs, Grotta Sonora Gongs, Murat Duril Gongs, Sabian Gongs, Woodstock Gongs, Ryan Shelledy Gongs, Shawn Aceto Gongs, Martin Bläse Gongs, Murat Diril Gongs, and MORE – we have it all! 

Start your sound healing journey today, buy one of our gongs and start meditating with sound whenever you want.