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Butterfly Wings by Martin Bläse

Kult-Ur-Sprung Products by Martin Bläse


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This listing comes with the book only.

"The future of humanity lies not in technology, but in human beings themselves."

Via "Working with one's hands has played an important role in humanity's development. That is why master silversmith Martin Bläse has never been content that his beloved ancient craft should be considered a dying profession. He searched for a realistic perspective on what is possible for the future of his profession. And found a solution. In March 2020, he began talking about this and the transformation he has undergone since discovering sound as a new dimension of aesthetics, and the realization he's had about the key role sounds play n the development of human consciousness. A year later, this has become a book: "Butterfly Wings Gong - Sound - Transformation".

A valuable piece of art, full of life wisdom and inspiration; for gong enthusiasts, craftsmen, and other consciousness researchers. It is published as a limited special edition in German and English, and is not available in normal bookshops but directly from the author.

Hardcover, 26 chapters, 352 pages, 4/4 color print, with many pictures, stories, poems, guest contributions, practical tips, and matching sounds on the internet. Numbered and signed by hand."

Item Specifications:
Dimensions: 12" x 8.5" x 1.25"
Weight: 4.25 lbs

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