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LP Bell Tree

Latin Percussion Music


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This listing includes the 26 bells, metal stand, and two mallets.

The bell tree, also known as the Chinese Bell Tree, consists of vertically mounted inverted metal bowls. The bowls, placed on a vertical rod, are arranged roughly in order of pitch. Sliding down the bells produces a great glissando. The bell tree is often used to accentuate the start or the end of music passages with a bright "shimmering" effect.

The LP Bell Tree is made of 26 brass bells ranging from high to low pitch, resting on a black steel stand with four cushioned feet and a mounting clamp for use with 3/8" to 1” diameter posts.

The extra large chromatic cascade of bells may also be played rhythmically or melodically. This makes it perfect for use in orchestra or percussion sets!

Total Height: 21"
Height of Bells: 16"
Diameter of Largest Bell: 3"
Diameter of Smallest Bell: 1.75"
Total Width (w/ bracket, so how far it would come out from the wall): 7"
Width of Feet (if standing): 6"

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